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Photographic Proof Of The Bricks Outside Danzig's House

We had a lot of fun with this Danzig story that surfaced a few days ago about him being a "poor homeowner" by leaving a stack of bricks out on his frontyard. A few people questioned the existance of the bricks but it turns out, there is much photographic proof.

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Besides the photo you see above of the Misfits fan posing outside of his house, with the bricks quite visible, there is this shot below from a YTMND page:

Photographic Proof Of The Bricks Outside Danzig's House

You will also spot his Jaguar in the driveway. Apparently, there was even a shot of Danzig washing his car that appearing on Google Street View, of all places:

Photographic Proof Of The Bricks Outside Danzig's House

How insane is this? Google Street View is clearly a very reliable source on the matter, because the most updated photo of his house clearly shows the bricks have been removed:

Photographic Proof Of The Bricks Outside Danzig's House

While there may still be some doubt as to if Danzig was really out there yelling HERE I AM MOTHERFUCKERS, JUST CLEANING UP MY MOTHER FUCKING BRICKS, BITCH!, and nothing short of video evidence would prove that, all of these photos certainly make the case that (A) This is Danzig's house, (B) He had bricks out front and a Jaguar and (C) The bricks are now gone.

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UPDATE: We just talked to a reliable source in the know who let us know that Danzig has since moved out of this location due to too many people knowing where he lives and him not wanting to be bothered. He apparently moved into Lucille Ball's old house. Fancy.

Either way this whole ordeal allowed us to have some fun on the Livecast this week, where we did a live reading of the IM conversation between Danzig's neighbor and his friend revealing this story and then even more fun with 3D doing a great Danzig imitation. If you missed it, here is that part of the show, extracted for your listening pleasure:

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