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So, MASTODON's Brent Hinds Got Kicked Out The Grammys (Allegedly)

"Sir you have to leave." "Why?" "Because you don't know how to behave!"

"Sir you have to leave." "Why?" "Because you don't know how to behave!"

Okay, this will most likely be our final Grammys post for the year. This was just too hilarious of a tidbit to pass up. While Mastodon did not win the Best Metal Performance award they were nominated for, they certainly won our "Best Dressed" award. Turns out it was a very eventful red carpet for guitarist Brent Hinds.

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Hinds showed up in a full Los Angeles Dodgers uniform and was messing with reporters on the red carpet. I guess things got a little out of hand and Hinds got kicked out.

Ben Weinman, Hinds' collaborator in his side project Giraffe Tongue Orchestra posted the following little bit to his Instagram:

In case the photo is deleted, Weinman writes in the caption: Party Crasher in the house right before Brent Hinds gets kicked out of the awards show cause he pored [sic] his bag all over the floor and undies and money and weed spilled everywhere and he wouldn't pick it up. "Sir you have to leave." "Why" "because you don't know how to behave!"

Brent Hinds doesn't know how to behave. Also, Brent Hinds doesn't know how to give a fuck either. Hinds, you're my hero buddy!

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Brent is keeping busy working on a new project with Tool's Danny Carey. Take a listen to a track off that collaboration.

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