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Okay, So COURTNEY LOVE Wrote That Note In KURT COBAIN's Wallet?

The last thing we'll ever write about this damn note.

The last thing we'll ever write about this damn note.

Speaking of things we are never going to write about again after this, let's settle this whole Kurt Cobain letter thing since I already started writing about it.

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Initially, half of a note found in Kurt Cobain's wallet when he committed suicide surfaced and it made it seem like he was unhappy with his wife, Courtney Love.

Then, the second half of the note surfaced and we thought oh, okay, it actually was a sarcastic love note. There was some questioning if the handwriting was Kurt's or not.

Over the weekend, Charles R. Cross, a biographer of Cobain's and probably the dude who knew Kurt best outside of his immediate family and bandmates, spoke to AOL and revealed that Courtney Love reached out to him to tell him to tell everybody that the note was written by her.

“Early in their relationship, they wrote notes like that to each other constantly,” Cross said. “The handwriting is absolutely Courtney’s.”

Apparently, Love gave Cobain the note right before their wedding in 1991. Cross calls into question the silliness of Cobain mocking their vows:

"The note was promoted as Kurt mocking their wedding vows three years after they were married. It just doesn't make any sense," Cross said.

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Guess what, though? No amount of analysis is going to bring Kurt back. Let's just enjoy his music and move on from the theories.

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