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Death-Scene Note Found In KURT COBAIN's Wallet Released

Prepare for Kurt Cobain conspiracy theorists to go ape-shit.

Prepare for Kurt Cobain conspiracy theorists to go ape-shit.

Prepare for Kurt Cobain conspiracy theorists to go ape-shit.

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Even twenty years after Kurt Cobain's infamous suicide, the murky details surrounding the late Nirvana singer's demise are still being released to the public. Seattle police have released a hand-written note found in Cobain's wallet at the time of his death.

The note, written on stationary from the Phoenix Hotel outside San Francisco, is not dated, and mocks Cobain's wedding vows with his then-wife Courtney Love. The note reads:

"Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife even when she's a bitch with zits and siphoning all [your] money for doping and whoring…"

Obviously the note is in huge contrast to what Cobain's suicide note read, which said Courtney Love was a "goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy." The handwriting from both looks strikingly similar, an assumption I'm sure some of you are going to disagree with.

The note was obtained in response to several public information requests filed by CBS News to the Seattle Police Department.

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According to CBS, the SPD obliged and "provided hundred of pages of copies of police reports and evidence recovered at the home of Kurt Cobain when his body was found, including the never-before-released hand-written note."

Seattle police also revealed a report detailing a cold case homicide detective's recent re-examination of the 20-year-old investigation. The report confirmed the King County Medical Examiner's original conclusion that Cobain's death was a suicide.

You can view that here.

A new documentary is being released this year raising questions about Kurt's death, pointing at shady tactics by the police department:

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But the bigger question is: do you even care anymore?

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