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Internet Responds To New SLAYER Album Cover In Hilarious Fashion

Posted by on June 16, 2015 at 3:09 pm

A few hours ago, Slayer revealed the cover art for their new album, Repentless. At the time, we thought it was likely that some Christians would get offended, but a whole new sect of people have taken notice of the album art… Photoshoppers.

Photoshoppers were reminded of the recent news of a Spanish woman who tried to "touch up" a 19th-century painting of Jesus and the results were very bad. People started noticing a similarity and then the jokes started coming…

…and one brave soul went so far as to actually Photoshop the cover art…

Slayer Repentless parody

I hope Slayer realize this is the best thing that could possibly happen for their record. Any publicity is good publicity, especially viral publicity.

Repentless comes out September 11th.

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