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ATTILA Frontman's Debut Rap Single Sounds Exactly Like You Think It Does

That's an ambiguous headline, isn't it?

That's an ambiguous headline, isn't it?

Many Attila detractors and fans ask why I post so much stuff about Attila if I don't like them. The answer is simple… you guys love reading about 'em. Whether you're hatewatching or sincerely enjoy the music, Attila, and frontman Chris Fronzak are controversial figures that know how to keep the narrative going.

It's no secret Fronzak is a fan of hip hop and the culture, after all… Attila did create the greatest hip hop video in heavy metal history. So I guess Fronzak is trying his hand at the rap game, and he just released his first single, which features Tyler Carter of Issues doing the hook.

Personally, this sounds like a demo of one of those guys in Times Square always trying to sell his debut album for like $10 saying it's the future of hip hop, which is to say it definitely isn't. The raps are pretty weak. Ultimately, it just sounds like an Attila song stripped of guitars with some hip hop atmosphere added in. So, if you like Attila, you'll probably like this. If you hate Attila, you definitely won't. I am not a fan of this song, but I will say I have developed a respect for Fronz for constantly putting out a shit ton of product to capitalize as much on his fame as possible before it becomes fleeting.

Fronz's rap album, Party Peoples Anthem drops June 30 through Artery Recordings.

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