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ATTILA Make The Best Hip-Hop Video In Heavy Metal History

Yea, I know, Attila probably is barely considered heavy metal but this new video the band premiered for "About That Life" is full of mega-lulz.

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First, before we even get to the actual video, let's pick out some of the BEST lyrics from the song: 

fuck church, hit a bong, then go smash a fucking bottle
got a few sluts to help me roll a few blunts
and they never question me cause they know I hate cunts

Ladies, if you question the singer of Attila, he'll think you're a cunt! On the other hand:

I like a bad bitch
she fucks me all night
then she counts my money while I'm on my Playstation

Damn, son. You lookin' real hard playin' that Playstation while yo' bitch counts your money!

I had diamonds but I threw them away cause I don't give a fuck
she rides my dick like its a merry go round
and I just bust my nut on her

A true poet of our time! To make matters even better, the band hired a hip hop production company, Motion Family, famous for making T.I. and Young Jeezy videos (those are rappers) to produce their new video. I have to admit, it's a pretty great hip hop video in that "ask my parents to leave for a weekend so I can hire a few strippers and buy some black lights" kind of way.

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I can see how a young kid watching this can think "oh wow, this looks like a lot of fun, smoking out of 5 foot bongs and hanging out with strippers" and so Attila succeeded by conveying the image that they are "all about that life."

But as somebody who is nearing 30 years old, this just looks so obviously forced and not real to me. Everybody in the band but vocalist Chris Fronzak looks so out of place and awkward that maybe they are not, in fact, all about that life.

What do you think about this video?

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