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WINTERSUN Proves Chinese Democracy Has Nothing On TIME

Last week I told you guys how stoked I was that Wintersun will be playing new material on their upcoming tour dates. I also asked if someone, anyone, can tape the new songs and report back to us. Well it seems a bunch of you have done just that! Over the past week I've received emails and personal messages from all sorts of folks including MI Junkie fcantu who kept me entertained with various angles, and performances of the same song. I have literally watched every clip, from every angle of Wintersun's new track entitled "The Way of The Fire" and I think we can all admit Wintersun still has it. Which is great news, because for all we knew Time might have turned out to be Chinese Democracy in more ways than one and entered the 2017 list for worst LP of the year.

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Without further ado I give you "The Way of The Fire" live from my email box by you the junkies. Bonus points for anyone who edits a video of these angles together using the best audio.

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