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BLIND GUARDIAN Finally Make Progress On New Album

Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kursch broke his silence about the band's progress on their next album, posting an update on the band's website titled, "A Sign of Hope." Indeed let's hope the nearly two years without Blind Guardian will have not gone vain and a release will come shortly.

Frontman Hansi Kursch wrote on the band's website that progress is indeed being made on the band's tenth album. "I'm a workaholic", explains Kursch as he describes the band working away at their new material. With the recent announcement of Blind Guardian's confirmed presence at Geiselwind next year, the band secretly set a completion date for the album, albeit a hopeful one, of May 2014.

As production is moving along quickly, "in Blind Guardian terms that is," and the progress being made on the so-far-named eleven songs, this seems very feasible. Although Hansi has been known as the Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Münchhausen, he is hopeful that Blind Guardian's next album will indeed be ready at that time.

"The songwriting period is almost finished by now," leaving Hansi thinking about what sort of lyrics he should write for the album. Should each song be themed individually? Should it be a concept album? Kursch seems to be leaning towards a concept: "They will all feature an almost magical grandeur but will present some very harsh disturbing elements as well. Therefore such a concept might be very suitable." Either way, it will no doubt be a great album, containing "commercial" songs, fresh songs, and those compared to Blind Guardian classics like "Nightfall" and "And Then There Was Silence." Two of the songs are already recorded entirely, with working being made to finish up the others.

For a more detailed breakdown of the tracks on the album, read Hansi's post on

Here's for hoping Hansi isn't a Munchhausen and we will see a tenth release from Blind Guardian in 2014!

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