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Rap-Rock Alex Skolnick Imposter Is Still At Large

Yesterday I invited my buddy Alex Skolnick to come by my house so we can wrap up finishing touches on a new Metal Injection web series we've been working on called Louder Education (keep an eye out for the official announcement VERY soon). Like most people hanging out around a computer, the urge to look up silly YouTube videos couldn't be helped. Things hit a serious tone, however, once Alex declared he has an imposter on the loose. He showed me a couple videos of what appears to be a disturbed doppelganger on a mission to ruin Skolnick's fashionable sense more than anything else.

The rap-rock lead guitarist for the group Vicious DNA has even gone so far as to name himself "Skoli-D". I mean where does it end!? Homeboy steals his moves, his guitar, his tone, and even a play on his name?

2008 marks the peak for the rap group Vicious DNA when they were asked to play the theme song they wrote for the Maury Povich show, and followed it up with a music video (both videos can be found below). This was about the same time Skolnick was busy with the release of Testament's The Formation of Damnation release as well as his stint with the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

When I asked Alex how it feels to have a rap version imposter in the world he replied "I haven't been able to comfortably wear a beanie and sunglasses combo since." Despite years of efforts to track down this imposter, Alex has been unable to capture this menace. If you have any information that may lead to the capture of this wanted imposter, we urge you to please contact [email protected] 

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