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WAR CURSE Gives A Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Their New Album, Confession

Get a deeper look at the thrashers' new album.


Ohio thrash outfit War Curse just released its third album and Metal Injection got with founding guitarist Justin Roth to get an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the album, which you can order now.

The Nothing (That is Me)
One of the saddest things to come out of the pandemic was widespread acceptance of authoritarianism. People gave up their identities, let differing opinions damage relationships with loved ones, and in extreme cases, lost contact with the outside world. As alarming and insane as that sounds now, people not only embraced it, they practically begged for it. They became  “The Nothing.”  They see what they’re told to see, they say what they’re told to say. Some may never come back.

Fortress of Agony
Over a million children are trafficked worldwide every year. Many end up in unthinkable situations, sexually exploited and abused. “Fortress of Agony” shines light on that unfortunate story through a painful, powerful lyrical account of their reality.  

Catholicism is one of the most flawed, hypocritical religions to ever plague humanity. The notion that a person can kill, rape, steal, and still find their way into heaven is beyond absurd. But that’s what they’re selling. Confess your sins, accept Jesus Christ, and all is forgiven. Never mind the trail of blood and tears you left in your wake. “Confession” is told from the viewpoint of a killer who exploits this loophole while throwing it back in the face of the enabler. The perfect title track for an album full of biblical undertones and metaphors.  

Miracle Broker
Miracle Broker is a hard hitting, vibey, melodic stampede that throws back to the band’s hardcore roots. Lyrically the song takes on shady televangelists. Manipulative figureheads create mass psychosis through masterfully crafted brainwashing campaigns. Suckers fall into the trap.

Power of the Powerless
Working title “Killdozer” – "Power of the Powerless" is a hook-driven, pure thrasher dedicated to Marv Heeymeyer. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things, and sometimes those things turn into badass songs. This track is sure to appeal to the Bay Area / Metallica fanbase.

The Convoy
A number of prominent tyrants surfaced during the pandemic. Power hungry, seething scumbags who allowed their true colors to show. Very few private citizens had the will or the means to stand up to them. "The Convoy" is a modern day battle hymn written for the people who risked their livelihood and reputations for our individual liberties. May every power drunk dictator one day find themselves at the end of a short rope.

Return to Dust
A timeless tale of betrayal, deceit, and backstabbing, "Return to Dust" encapsulates the collapse of a relationship with a metaphorical nod to Adam & Eve, the snake, and the inevitable expulsion. The complex song structure and lyrical journey serve as a perfect backdrop to remind everyone that biting the hand that feeds comes with consequences.

Sowing Division
America is ripping itself apart. Civil discourse and the ability to find common ground has died at the hands of network-sponsored zealots. Your side is evil. My side is righteous. The onslaught of political propaganda never rests. "Sowing Division" might be screaming into the void, but it’s a plea for sanity, decency, and unity. The somber melody and thought provoking lyrics are interrupted by a drastic tempo change and abrasive riffing the same way journalism is interrupted by hate filled rhetoric masquerading as news. This song will be stuck in your head for days, but hopefully in your subconscious mind forever.

Rusty Nail
We love Grip Inc. Covering "Rusty Nail" was our way of honoring our former bassist Jason Vie Brooks (Grip Inc / Exhorder). Blaine was tasked with filling the massive shoes of late Grip Inc vocalist Gus Chambers, and the remaining band members agree that he did so with flying colors.

Illusion of Choice
Inspired by The Matrix trilogy, "Illusion of Choice" might be the heaviest song on the album both musically and philosophically. We are born into a system that seeks to enslave us through debt, mental oppression, and materialism. Being a rare member of society that can see through it feels like walking through the matrix, surrounded by programmed humans, or as we call them, “the barely living.” We think the choices we make are our own, but are they? If given a chance to reshape civilization, none of us would choose this for ourselves or our fellow man. Insert heavy breakdown. Take the black pill. End album. 

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