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Watch James Hetfield's Amazing Reactions To Kim Kardashian & Other Celebs Wearing METALLICA Shirts

James Hetfield is hilarious when discussing one of the Olsen twins, Ryan Gosling,

James Hetfield is hilarious when discussing one of the Olsen twins, Ryan Gosling,

We've been covering celebrity metalheads and the metal style's slow creeping into mainstream fashion for a while now. It's gotten to the point that it's not even shocking that wearing a metal t-shirt was named the look of the summer by a major fashion magazine earlier this year.

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One of the most in-style looks is wearing a Metallica t-shirt, as we've seen it worn by Gigi Hadad, Michael Jackson's daughter, and Kim Kardashian, who made sure to rock a rare vintage Metallica tee that might have cost her $2,000. The look is so prevalent that Buzzfeed Mexico thought they would show James Hetfield some of these young people rocking Metallica t-shirts to guage his opinion. The results are pretty hilarious.

James was clearly having a good time with the bit, joking that Avril Lavigne was the singer of Nickelback (she of course used to be married to the singer, Chad Kroeger) and saying that Kim Kardashian looked like Kanye West in drag, which kind of doesn't even make sense, but okay. He also joked about how some people come up to him and tell him they got into Metallica through Load, which is pretty shocking even to me. James did have nice words to say about Ryan Gosling and had no idea what reggaeton is, which means James has never been to a bodega in New York City.

Last year, James Hetfield called Justin Bieber rocking Metallica t-shirts one of his best things of 2015.  There is video of Bieber singing Metallica's "Fade To Black," and Metallica even consider themselves Beliebers (their words!). He's also been seen hanging out with Anthrax's Frankie Bello.

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[Thanks for the tip to my resident metal fashionista friend, Jennifer A.]

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