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A GOOD ROGERING Offer Dystopian New Song "Five Ministries" Based on 1984

Posted by on June 28, 2019 at 9:04 am

As though our current days couldn't get any more Orwellian, eclectic heavy rockers A Good Rogering have a new lyric video we're proud to premiere entitled "Five Ministries."

The Austin, TX unit released This Is Death Metal back in 2017, so if you missed out on it, now's your time to catch up.

"Five Ministries" is a song about Orwell's classic 1984. A man that breaks free from modern society only to be forced to submit to the status quo and accept the part that has been decided for him in society. For A Good Rogering, the video imagery such as the skull is about the death of the human spirit and freedom of thought. The song breaks down the book into three parts, attempted departure, hidden sanctuary, folly, and finally reassimilation.

The track is haunting and hard hitting. It starts out eerie with just a simple bass line and slowly comes creeping in. The heaviness builds as the track becomes more and more uncomfortable. It builds like a script. The guitar solos build a creep factor and the track lets go on a bitter note. It punches just right as one listens to it. Dystopian, depressing but all very realistic and hopeless sounding.

According to A Good Rogering, Grammy Award winning mixing engineer, Marc Urselli comments, "Cool song!"

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