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Underground Buzz – Never Enough Black Metal with AKRAL NECROSIS, HEXER, KEISER, ORDINUL NEGRU and SARCOPTES

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Welcome to another roundup of Underground Buzz, where we spotlight some killer smaller bands. Want to be covered on this section? Reach out with a message on our Facebook page.

If you, like us, need to create a certain dark atmosphere, here are some black metal bands you should add to your playlist.

Akral Necrosis – Bucharest, Romania

Romanian black metal band, Akral Necrosis, is as poetic as they are brutal. Taking a full on narrative form, their most recent release, The Greater Absence, follows an ambitious, yet ignorant, protagonist in his  quest “to reveal the mysteries of the unseen and the afterlife”. Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s 1968 legendary film Vargtimmen (“Hour of the Wolf”), they also weave previously unpublished poetry throughout the first three tracks.

Hexer – North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Hexer is definitely an atypical black metal band, combining elements of doom and sludge to create a sound distinctly slower than many. Hexer is a band that oozes atmosphere and immersion. rTheir surprising use of melody and nuance oscillates beneath layers of sludge and doom, creating an altogether intriguing sound that isn't easy to categorize.

Keiser – Levanger, Norway

Keiser is a black metal outfit from the motherland of black metal, Norway. Fast, aggressive and dynamic, their relentless onslaught of latest track, "Our Retched Demise", encompasses several genres in just under 5 minutes. The seamless transition between the different genres is impressive to say the least. Their new album will be out via Non Servium records November 27th.

Ordinul Negru – Timișoara, Romania

Ordinul Negru is a black metal band that will keep you guessing with their foundation of dynamic change. "Nebuisa" is a prime example of the variety you will get: opening at a slow pace, the band the song is almost zen and mysterious above the low hum of the bass and the processional pound of the drums. But then the music rapidly changes, first becoming menacing when the vocals arrive and then deranged in an onslaught of drums overlaying the calm riffs from the beginning.

Sarcoptes – California, USA

It is rare that we have good, solid black metal coming out of the US, but Sarcoptes delivers and then some. The hybrid black/thrash sound is absolutely scathing. Between cascading riffs and  unyielding energy that’s constantly at play, Sarcoptes is an absolute treat for many black metal fans out there as well as the thrash fans.

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