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Underground Buzz Industrial Roundup – Get Electrified By MACHINA DEI, NEUROHEART, SERAPHIM SYSTEM, SHAARGHOT


Welcome to another roundup of Underground Buzz, where we spotlight some killer smaller bands. Want to be covered on this section? Reach out with a message on our Facebook page.

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Sometimes you just need a little apocalypse in your playlist and what better way than with some electronic and industrial metal. These four bands bring it with their highly experimental sound!

Machina Dei

Electronicore – Bogata, Columbia

This relentless fusion of  metalcore with frenzied electronic notes will send you head first into the pit. Characterized by heavy use of synthesizers, screaming vocals, and both electronic and metal breakdowns, Machina Dei will treat your ears to an unyielding roller coaster of sound permanently set to fast.

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Industrial – Moscow, Russia

With roots in symphonic metal, the members of Neuroheart launched their debut album this year. No More Time is an experimental album that seamlessly fuses industrial/electronic with more classical notes of symphonic. Vocalist Anna Volodina brings powerful and moving lyrics to the forefront and the hallmark synthesizers of the electronic genre add that extra punch.

Seraphim System
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Industrial/Electronicore – New York, NY, USA

Seraphim System embodies the term "fusion" by incorporating elements of aggrotech, black metal, death metal, punk, drum and bass, and dubstep in their hellish sound. We hope you're ready to jump in a pit and unleash full out industrial metal mayhem.


Industrial Metal / Electro Punk – Paris, France

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Welcome to a post-apocalyptic hellscape of sound. Founded in 2014, Shaârghot combines dark electronic tunes with shrieking heavy metal inspired guitars. Inspired by movies such as Mad Max and Blade Runner, they create a dark steampunk world on stage to fully immerse you in the experience. This highly theatrical approach carries over to their videos which aim to  keep you full entertained.


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