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Welcome to another roundup of Underground Buzz, where we spotlight some killer smaller bands. Want to be covered on this section? Reach out with a message on our Facebook page.

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How do you combine ethereal and brutal? These five bands nailed it!

Dark Divinity – Wellington, New Zealand

Rising force in New Zealand metal, Dark Divinity creates powerful and ominous sounds and visuals.  With aggressive, hook-laden riffing, double kicks, blast beats & screamed vocals, Dark Divinity is a nod to early Scandinavian pioneers of the melodic death metal genre.

Death Scythe – Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
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Drums and devastating bass, brutal guitars and some merciless, torn growls shape the powerful melodic death metal group, Death Scythe. The band immediately conquers in terms of in-your-face death metal chaos, yet is surprisingly able to throw in melodic and progressive moments without losing that vicious edge initially established.

Karmatik – Québec, Canada

This is without a doubt the most groove filled, riff based, lively and animated melodic death metal groups of the underground.  Immediately coming in hard with thundering bass, Karmatik's most recent release, Unlimited Energy, is quite perfectly named. The melodic elements featured throughout are both moving and spectacular.

Serea – Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden
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Sarea isn't just another melodic death metal band, they are a melodic kick to the face full of blistering potential. Tight, heavy, aggressive music blended seamlessly with shredding melodies create the atmospheric sound that is Sarea.

Warbell – Jelenia Góra, Lower Silesia, Poland

Fans of both old school Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth will feel right at home with Warbell. They give us a little bit of everything when it comes to melodic death metal. The songs are packed with energy and melody and all of them burst with liveliness.

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