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10 Sacramento Bands That Should Be On Your Radar!

I'd be willing to bet that Sacramento, California is never, ever considered to be a hotbed for up-and-coming bands. The truth is that it really isn't. What it is, however, is a small pond with some massive fish that sound be swimming the oceans of the world. You follow this aquatic metaphor?

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In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I know some of these bands. This isn't why I'm including them. These are bands that are still quite active in the Sacramento metal scene that deserve more attention. I've selected this batch to showcase this region's diversity and quality. There are bands I know that I'm not including, so that'll be awkward at a show later. Anyway, to the metals…

Astral Cult1604480_751609544851265_1049750433_n

Genre: Doom

Very few Sacramento bands can bring the fuzz like Astral Cult. They sound like they've done nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe Black Sabbath's Master of Reality for their entire existence. If you imagine Royal Thunder with more blues infused, and you get pretty close to the glory of this band.


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Genre: Progressive Metal

I briefly discussed Bispora about a year ago when they dropped their phenomenal album The Pineal Chronicles Phase 1: Furtherance, and will gladly gush about them any time. The have apparent influences of MeshuggahCynic, and many other great prog acts, but the band takes all their inspirations and makes something entirely their own. Since my initial coverage the band split, reformed, then recently announced that Phase 2 is coming. Rejoice!


The Brotherhood of Ellipsis1921077_610521299021843_22166312_o

Genre: Instrumental

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These guys are technically from the next town over from Sacramento, but are worthy of inclusion. Music of the classic gaming systmes like the SNES, NES, and Gega Genesis top Ellipsis's list of influences, so their music sounds like the most chaotic boss battle of your life. They are one of the few bands that blends metal and 8-bit that I've really, really enjoyed.


Genre: Experimental metal

A Flub is often defined as a mistake, but this band borders on perfection. They have elements of jazz, cumbia, classical and so much more mixed into their metal casserole. The band currently has only a few (great) songs posted online but will be dropping thier new EP Advent soon.


Isaac Bear1525366_555926461167578_863925726_n
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Genre: Funk/Rock Fusion
YouTube Channel

Isaac Bear are a difficult band to call metal. They are funky, weird, heavy, bluesy, technical, and more. They're more one of the non-metal bands that metal people should be able to agree on, like PrimusRush, or Faith No More.


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