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THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From BATTLECROSS, COFFINS, and More Out Today – 7/9

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At the time of this Weekly Injection, I am in my usual metal dungeon, but this time I am surrounded by a small group on a D&D quest. They are currently falling through an void of some kind. One of them has just turned to a mist, and is rolling to see if he can save the others my turning them into a mist as well. I can't imagine how becoming mist will stop the effects of gravity.

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It's almost like listening to a folk album read as poetry. Probably more metal than what you're up to. Where my nerds at?

Now to the metals….

Battlecross – War of WillBattlecross-War-of-Will

Genre: Melodic Thrash
Origin: Warren, Michigan
Label: Metal Blade

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If I haven’t already expressed my general boredom with the modern thrash scene, I will here. There a lot of bands that are out now doing their best impressions of Death Angel, Exodus, and Annihilator, and falling way short. It takes a lot for a thrash band that is considered newer to really prove themselves. Thankfully, Battlecross are able to give listeners a lot more than your average thrash band with a pointy logo. Their guitar melodies are catchy and memorable (as they should be), Songs are fast and punchy (as they should be) and there is an element of technical playing that will impresses fellow musicians (as there should be). In short, this is the way modern thrash should be.

Bispora – The Pineal Chronicles Phase I: Furtherance600198_494061654003642_1928878590_n

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Origin: Sacramento, California
Label: N/A

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Bispora are one of the best prog bands you probably don’t know. Furtherance, their full-length debut, is one part Between the Buried and Me, one part Last Chance to Reason, and one part Meshuggah. Their music is sort of a kitchen sink blend of genres, but not in that way that feels forced. One minute the listener is lost in a synth driven abyss, the next a bongo-fueled rave.

Coffins – Fleshlandcoffins-the-fleshland
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Genre: Doom/Death
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Label: Relapse

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One of Japan’s greatest metal exports is finally back with the long overdue follow-up to 2008’s Buried Death. Sludge musicianship with classic death metal croaks best sums of the band for those unfamiliar with Coffins. Fans of the band, or even the genre should give this one some attention.

Lord Dying – Summon The Faithlesslord-dying-summon-the-faithless

Genre: Sludge
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Label: Relapse

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Now for a second dose of Relapse Records sludge, because why the fuck not? Lord Dying’s debut is a collection of hypno-riffs. An odd way to put it perhaps, but this band hypnotizes the listener with their riffs in a way that loses them in the song. Their album ends and it feels like it was all a dream that you then want to dive back into.

Lycus – TempestSPIN058_Lycus_web

Genre: Doom
Origin: Oakland, California
Label: 20 Buck Spin

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Lycus, one of the best kept secrets of Oakland, has finally arrived with their debut album. The band features the former drummer of Deafheaven and has a certain element of his former band, as well as other atmospheric bands like Agalloch and Falloch. While mostly lurching doom, there are certainly moments that are drenched in corpse paint goodness.

Whitesnake – Made In Britain: The World Recordmadeinbritain-600

Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Middlesbrough, England
Label: Frontiers

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Has it been a while since you've tumbled across the hood of a car? Whitesnake are here to help you out with that by giving YOU a new double-live album. It features all the songs you joke about loving like "Still of the Night," "Is this Love?," and "Here I go Again." It also features twenty-two other songs that are either new or that were lost in the VH1 vault. David Coverdale sounds surprisingly great on this record, and I've got to pay some respect to these ol' goobers. They still got it.

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Also dropping today…

July 9, 2013
Abstracter – Tomb Of Feathers (The Path Less Traveled)
Bangladeafy – The Briefcase (Nefarious)
Besieged – Victims Beyond All Help Re-Release (Unspeakable Axe)
Butcher Babies – Goliath (Century Media)
Centuries – Taedium Vitae (Southern Lord)
Corsair – Alpha Centauri EP Re-Release (Shadow Kingdom)
Dying Spirit – Uncomfortable Silences (Mulligore)
Earthen Grave – Earthen Grave (Ripple)
Erimha – Reign Through Immortality (Victory)
Final Trigger – Skrap Metal Vol. II (Boonsdale)
Girl On Fire – Not Broken (Century Media)
Goatess – Goatess (Svart)
Grime – Deteriorate (Mordgrimm)
Gris – À l'Âme Enflammée, l'Äme Constellée…(Sepulchral)
Humiliation – Turbulence From The Deep (Deepsend)
I Killed Everyone – Necrospire (Pavement)
In League With Lions – Exposure (Harbor)
Isis – Celestial Re-Release (Ipecac)
King Kobra – II (Frontiers)
Letlive – The Blackest Beautiful (Epitaph)
Like Moths To Flames – An Eye For An Eye (Rise)
Lonewolf – The Fourth And Final Horseman (Napalm)
Majalis – Cathodic Black (Pulverised)
Monsters Scare You – Die A Legend (Century Media)
My Heart To Fear – Algorithm (Solid State)
Pest – The Crowning Horror (Agonia)
Shroud Eater – Dead Ends (The Path Less Traveled)
Sirenia – Perils Of The Deep Blue (Nuclear Blast)
Sombres Forêts – La Mort du Soleilb(Sepulchral)
Speaking The King's – Here To Stay EP (Nuclear Blast)
Spheron – Ecstasy Of God (Apostasy)
Unkind – Pelon Juuret (Relapse)
Venomous Maximus – Beg Upon The Light (Napalm)
Wilson – Full Blast F–kery (Easy Killer)
Witch Cross – Axe To Grind (Hells Headbangers)
Womb Of The Desert Sun – Where Moths Eat and Worms Destroy and Invocation: Our Dying DaysEPs (The Path Less Traveled)

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