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Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: Impressive Newcomers PROLIFERATION And THÆTAS Shine And Shred Aloft

Posted by on June 28, 2016 at 4:05 pm

Hey there tech-death fiends! Time to tune into another edition of Tech-Death Tuesday, this time featuring two 2016 releases by up-and-coming groups well worth your time and money! But before we dive into them, here as always, is a link to all prior editions of the series. Should you want to dig deeper into what's been covered here and find even more rad tunes.

Proliferation-Rebirth: The Journey Through Soil

At the end of March, newcomers Proliferation dropped a phenomenal EP entitled Rebirth: The Journey Through Soil, The group hails predominately from various parts of Georgia, but also contains a member from Montreal as well. For such a new and young group, Proliferation really bring a mature and inspired take on the sonic intersection and possibilities between progressive death metal and technical death metal. In the process, further adding to this mercurial mix with hefty doses of eerily phrased dissonant guitar work akin to more modern black metal, along with a take on tech-death that draws from a pretty wide subset of influences and ideas overall as well.

While I've been meaning to cover Rebirth: The Journey Through Soil for some time, I can at least now mark this one off as another band fans of tech-death need to dive into. I feel like these guys are already onto something special, and clearly do a great job at keeping things varied at all times. If you dig what you hear, you can order the album over at their Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow them on their Facebook page as well.

Thætas- Demo
thaetas art

For many a metal bands, birth and demo phases are a rough and gnarly coming into existence, a time to experiment and find oneself. A formative period of finding one's shape and sound. For recently formed in 2015 New York unit Thætas, this genesis of a unnerving sound that is their three s0ng demo declares a mission statement bound to ravenous purpose and fury. It's a "demo" that comes across as quite the developed and well crafted sound even from its vicious and raw onset. Sure it has a grimy and toxic feeling to it, but the playing and eclectic mindset behind it show a group who are aiming for something all their own. On their Demo, Thætas sound like Malignancy, Gorguts, and Defeated Sanity crafting music together in a graveyard, this is noxious yet intriguing music.  Keep an eye on these guys to do great things. If you dig what you hear below, you can get the three song effort over at their Bandcamp page. Be sure to give them a like and follow them over on their Facebook page as well!

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