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Tech-Death Tuesday: Enter The Otherworldly Plane Of I: Voice From Chicago's Finest In WARFORGED

Warforged Art

Hey there tech fiends, it's that time of the week again. Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking for even more sick bands, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

Today we have a full stream of I: Voice from Warforged for you a couple of days before it drops this Friday through The Artisan Era.  There's a music video for every song and a lot of those are as arresting and disturbing as the music is so I suggest you check out that dimension to today's early stream as well.

Warforged first came on my radar in 2014 with their buzzed-about EP, Essence of the Land. Even then the band had a clear and distinct vision going on that really impressed me. Seeing them live that year just furthered my appreciation for their unique style and I've gone on to spin that release into the ground over time but I'm still not tired of it. Now they're back with a new album called I: Voice that expands on their developed style heavy on atmosphere, groove, haunting piano playing, drawing influence from experimental and progressive music, and menacing black metal undercurrents tying it all together.

I: Voice is an outstanding album experience where it all flows together as one entity but frequently messes with your expectations of where compositions start, stop, and transition from start to finish. That really is a big part of the experience here on I: Voice that adds a tremendous amount to what the release is in itself. This is not a typical collection of songs somewhat in the same vein, I: Voice is the result of going a different path more in a progressive metal and progressive music guided way than standard and straightforward tech-death. This is a dark and emotive work with many layers and depths to explore, a rare experience for this style. It demands your attention at all times as the presentation is often experimental or unorthodox in both the writing and their inversion of tech-death and progressive death metal focused on atmosphere and mesmerizing builds paired with black metal and dissonant death elements into something that doesn’t sound like anyone else. Then there's the crazy amount of sick guest musician spots on this that could fill its own paragraph.

Given the sheer scope and intense vision that shapes I: Voice, I asked the band if they wanted to share something about the release in their own words. They told me that "I: Voice is the beginning of a massive ongoing concept about dreams, memory, & nightmare lore – performed by 19 musicians and spanning 73 minutes. To accompany the music, we’ve put together a visual album that elaborates on and backs up the mood of the story. This record sets the stage for the colors and vibes we are set on bringing about in future releases. An enormous thank you to The Artisan Era and all who helped us put this record and visual component together.

*For those about to listen: please note that the record is meant to be listened to alone and in one sitting. So grab your favorite inebriant, lock the doors, shut the windows, and prepare yourself for some discomfort.”

That pretty much sums up the vision and mood of this release, dark and deranged but also very beautiful and heady. This is a near impossible record to breakdown in any conventional sense, it really needs to be heard and experienced. I can tell after so many spins already, I: Voice will not only be one of my favorites for the year, but also a record I’ll come back to after this year ends which I rarely do. So check out our early stream of the album below and if you dig it pre-orders for bundles and more are through the label’s site here and you can also get it through the Warforged Bandcamp Page digitally and otherwise. You can follow the group over on the Warforged Facebook Page.


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