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Here's A Video Preview of METALLICA's 20 Million Dollar Stage Setup For Their 3D Movie

A few days ago we showed you a new photo of a gigantic "Metal Up Yer Ass" toilet that's a part of Metallica's crazy new stage show, which they are currently testing out during an eight night stay performing in Mexico City. These are basically warm-up shows for their double header in Vancouver later this month, where they will shoot the performance footage of their upcoming 3D movie, which will reportedly set them back 20 million dollars. Pictures are one thing, but we need video to fully grasp the enormity of this set. One Metallica mega-fan compiled all the cellphone bootleg footage that's been on Youtube of the shows, including creating multiple angles of certain scenes to  create a nearly 10 minute video to showcase all the crazy stage pieces, including a crumbling lady Justice, a stage tech catching fire during "Enter Sandman" and more tricks. Here's the video:

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This is almost like watching a telesync bootleg of a movie you really want to see. Are these effects enticing you to go pay to watch Metallica in a movie theater?

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