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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme of the Extreme: LUTHARÖ Take Flight On Melodeath Masterpiece, Wings Of Agony


Hello, and happy Wednesday! Just a quick reminder all other editions of Extreme of the Extreme can be found HERE! Now without further adieu, on with the show!

Combining the sounds of traditional heavy metal and melodic death metal, Lutharö are ready to drop some new music. "Wings of Agony", the first track off the band's EP of the same name, is the first bit of music since their 2018 release Unleash The Beast. For those unfamiliar, Lutharö are a band out of Hamilton, Ontario that combines melody and vocal styles from heavy metal and the more aggressive sound of melodic death metal. Wings of Agony also features Cale Costello (Duskwalker, ex-WretchedPain) as their session drummer and new bassist Chris Pacey (Forever The Pain). Together, Lutharö have formed an incredibly streamlined outfit that are hellbent on releasing some aggressive, catchy and relatable music.

Extreme of the Extreme: LUTHARÖ Take Flight On Melodeath Masterpiece, Wings Of Agony

The first new song, "Wings of Agony", begins cleanly with vocalist Krista Shipperbottom's strong singing voice to welcome you into the track. Once the song kicks into gear though, Shipperbottom takes on a harsher style, much more similar to that of Alissa White-Gluz or Vicky Psarkis. The clean and harsh vocals are layered on top of each other during parts of the chorus for excellent contrast. Shipperbottom says "Wings of Agony" is "a song about the never-ending struggle to pursue a passion. In one moment you are feeling like you are soaring on cloud nine, things are going your way and you exude confidence. Then by the flip of a switch, you enter a moment of darkness where you feel lost and hopeless never knowing when the light at the end of the tunnel will return." This idea works well with the vocal contrast, the light and the dark, the clean and the harsh.

Struggling with your passion is a common thing in life. I guarantee every person listening can relate to the music on a personal level, making the song that much more effective. "Wings of Agony" is a great representation of what Lutharö have to offer with the new EP and the band clearly intended to come out of the gates swinging. The song is available below, and any fans in the Hamilton area can check out Lutharö's release show alongside Duskwalker, Iomar and Aepoch on April 4th. 


Extreme of the Extreme: LUTHARÖ Take Flight On Melodeath Masterpiece, Wings Of Agony

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"Mixing and mastering qualms aside, Lutharo have arrived with one of the most thrilling metal records of 2021."

Extreme of the Extreme

Hard to believe that it's August already. Feels like just yesterday we were all free to enjoy gigs and things weren't getting constantly postponed....