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LUTHARO Ranks The Best Things To Eat On Tour

It's tough out there.


The following was written by Lutharo, whose new record Chasing Euphoria is due out March 15. Pre-orders and singles are available here.

Hey there, we're Lutharo, and when we're not shredding on stage, we're probably munching on something tasty. We have decided to rank our favorite foods/things to eat on tour. Keep in mind our standards aren't that high – we once ate a slab of Brie cheese like an apple between the five of us in the back of our van. So with that being said let's get started with our top five eats when we hit the road!

#5 – Scavenged Venue Delights

Coming in at #5 is basically anything we can manage to take from the venue at the end of the night aka deli meat, fruit, veggies, bread, water etc. (sometimes cheese).

#4 – Donut Delirium

Next up at #4 we have donuts! One of our favorite things to do is stop at donut or pastry shops. Some places we love are "Voodoo Donuts" and "Krispy Kreme."

#3 – Post-Gig Comfort Food

For #3 I'm sure this is a lot of bands go to and that is: after show pizza! Mainly after show pizza in the states, but also poutine in Canada or Kebab in Europe. Nothing hits quite like some unhealthy hearty food after a sweaty gig.

#2 – The Legends: Buc-ee's and Love's

2 was an easy choice, hands down anything from the absolute legends that are “Buc-ee's” and “Love's”. These places hold a special place in our heart because they're usually where we sleep and shower while on the road. You can't sell Buzzballz, brisket and breakfast sandwiches and not be in our top five! Not to mention the 24 hour access, that is key on tour.

#1 – Waffle House: The Champion of Champions

Now the moment we've all been waiting for drumroll please! Taking first place the MVP, the G O A T… WAFFLE HOUSE! No explanation needed.

So there you have it – our guide to staying fed and happy on tour. It's not just about the food; it's about the experiences, the late-night chats over cold pizza, the laughs in a Waffle House booth at 3 AM. These moments, these meals, they're the fuel for our music and our journey. Keep rocking, and maybe we'll see you at a Waffle House someday!

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