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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme of the Extreme: RAIDER's Blend of Melo-Death Is "Bound By No Fate"


Hello, and happy Wednesday! Just a quick reminder all other editions of Extreme of the Extreme can be found HERE! Now without further adieu, on with the show!

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Ontario, Canada has one of the strongest metal scenes that you will ever witness. Maybe it's because it's the one Canadian area on a "North American" tour most bands will hit, but the area is a breeding ground for great (and terrible) bands. Out of Kitchener, Ontario for instance, comes the melodic death-thrash band Raider. Raider are primed to drop their new album Guardian of the Fire on March 20th and generally the best way to hype a new album is with a single. Luckily, Raider are offering just that with the B-grade medieval movie offering that accompanies the new track "Bound By No Fate".

Extreme of the Extreme: RAIDER's Blend of Melo-Death Is "Bound By No Fate"

"Bound By No Fate" is a fans first taste at new music from Raider since their 2018 EP Urge To Kill. Not wanting to disappoint everyone who's been waiting, the new song comes out swinging from beginning to end. Drummer Kevin Withers is easily one of the best in the business, one the drums get going it's unrelenting and insanely consistent double bass. Angelo Bonaccorso takes on a mix between black metal and death metal in his vocal style, with high growls more similar to that of Dark Funeral while the lows embrace something more of the Exmortus brand of death-thrash. On the note of death-thrash, Gabe Rosa takes on both lead and rhythm guitars in the new album. It's clear beginning to end how much of an influence bands like Exmortus make on the style, embracing a more neoclassical sound especially in guitar solos like that found on "Bound By No Fate". Brandon Sanders brings up the back with the ever necessary rhythm of the bass. Sanders peaks through the chaos of the rest of the music every so often, particularly around the solo on the new track.

"Bound By No Fate" itself is an unrelenting and chaotic blast of thrash. Even someone who's not primarily a fan of the harsher vocal style prevalent within death metal should be able to appreciate and get into the new Raider track and upcoming album. If you have any doubts, the new song is now available for streaming below and the new album Guardian of the Fire will be released March 20th, so it doesn't hurt to check out. It's a low budget medieval movie with riffs for days.

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