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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme of the Extreme: DESOLATOR Are Death Metal "Creatures Of Habit"


Well done Sweden, known for pumping out some of the best extreme metal in the world. Home to some of the most reputable black and death metal bands around. One band looking to be added to that list is the blackened death band Desolator. With their new album coming on September 4th, the band is wasting no time in presenting new music off of Sermon of Apathy.

Extreme of the Extreme: DESOLATOR Are Death Metal "Creatures Of Habit"

The second single off of the new album, "Creatures of Habit", is full of hard hitting death metal full of hooks and blasts to the heart's content. Desolator even told us their thoughts on the music and the world today saying, "It's time for the second taste of the upcoming Desolator full-length Sermon of Apathy. "Creatures of Habit" is one of Desolator's most devastating and flat-out nihilistic pieces of music so far – an epic dedicated to the fall of mankind and modern society. It displays some of Desolator's progressive leanings, while also staying true to the band's traditional music style. Fans of Immolation and Morbid Angel will definitely enjoy this one.

What better way to deal with worldwide turmoil than misanthropic old school death metal? Hail the senselessness, hail the empty throne! Sermon of Apathy is out September 4th on Black Lion Records."

Convinced or not, "Creature of Habit" is available to listen to now courtesy of Desolator and Black Lion Records below. The album can also be pre-ordered below and I have to say, you should absolutely pick this up. This is one killer sounding release.

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