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Decibel's Clips of the Month

Decibel Clips of the Month November 2015: Belphegor, Napalm Death, Baroness & A Classic Clip from Amorphis

Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the monthly metal mag. under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from Belphegor, Napalm Death, Baroness and a classic clip from Iron Maiden

Belphegor – “Black Winged Torment”

Because this is part of my job, because I literally get paid money for this, I checked if there was an uncensored version of this video, in case you were wondering if you can see the quick flashes of some girl’s boobs without squares over them. I did this for you, and yes there is. Anyway, the actual video is that girl and then a bunch of freaky-looking people, all dressed up like one of those gothic, sex-positive Halloween parties you’ve always wanted to check out, but were too creeped out to go. Don’t tell my mom I do this.

Napalm Death – “How the Years Condemn”

This little cartoon has a big message. It’s about a guy who sits on his couch for years, only drinking and watching the same Napalm Death live footage over and over. And even when a ghost vacuums near him, or that same ghost gets pregnant, he just drinks, growing old as his city crumbles around him. Which brings up too important questions: 1) Why not just go to an actual Napalm show? You can still drink there. And 2) How did him sitting around lead to the city getting destroyed? Was he the mayor or something?

Baroness – “Chlorine & Wine”

This video fucks with you ’cause it opens with shimmering lights and these close-ups of flowers, and it’s almost seven minutes long, so you don’t expect that it’ll then just go to black-and-white footage of the band recording a song and absolutely nothing else. But that’s what it is, with headphones and pop filters on microphones, and there’s a dartboard, and the bass player looks like he should be in the Allman Brothers, and there isn’t a single bare breast within a hundred meters of this thing. So, I’m out.

CLASSIC CLIP: Amorphis – “Black Winter Day”

When I see a piano being played by a hand with a frilly white sleeve, I am ready to be stoked. And while the video never quite surpasses that image, there is enough creepy, ghostly slo-mo footage that looks like it was shot in 1978 to satiate you. But I think the plot is some kid finds a necklace and then goes back in time to some formal dance party with a witch, and where’s this kid now, anyway? It’s been 20 years. No way is this getting him laid or… I guess doing anything for him, but who here wants Metal Injection to interview the shit out of this guy?

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