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Decibel's Clips of the Month

Decibel Clips of the Month April 2016: Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Ghost Bath & Classic Clip from Twisted Sister

Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the monthly metal mag. under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Ghost Bath and a classic clip from Twisted Sister

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Amon Amarth "First Kill"

What do you know about Amon Amarth? Do you know that they're all like Vikings who play music about Vikings? Are you aware of this? Great, so this video is what Viking metal videos look like where you got guys shooting arrows and swinging swords and yelling and there's lightning and a crow and people are wearing pelts and of course there's snow and fire and blood and this has to be every video, right? Cause it's a pretty winning combination. The narrative is, admittedly, pretty thin but who gives a shit when some dude takes a double-edged blade right in the spinal column?

The Black Dahlia Murder "Threat Level No. 3"

This is another case of a real thin plot that I'm willing to let slide because it's all crazy and shit. I haven't yet figured out what the syringes are all about, or the babies being dropped by storks into a cooling tower made out of a skill, but as a cartoon there is plenty of great things happening. You got some maybe church-going man who is in fact a serial killer and he gets caught and sentenced to death and then HELL. But nothing beats the woman in the jury booth wearing a Black Dahlia Murder t-shirt. Like, I haven't the passed the bar, but I know a little bit, enough that you'll probably be removed from the jury if you can't at least manage to wear a sweater for a couple weeks.
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Ghost Bath "Golden Number"

Nine minutes? Guess I lucked out because I already am seeing a cemetery in winter with a girl in a cloak and that won't get boring. The band is also playing, but mostly all you see if the singer with fake contacts screaming at you, which, I'm not gonna lie, loses most of its intensity after about 45 seconds. But wait, is that a half-frozen stream? And some candles? Five minutes left. Okay, the girl just got in a bath and slit her wrists. That's something. And she's in the same room with the band which is… a little weird. I know they're busy playing their instruments but someone had enough time to fill up the tub. Maybe they could take a minute away from band practice to notice that girl bleeding out literally three feet in front of them.

Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It" Extended Version!

So of course I know this video. We all know this video. The teacher from "I Wanna Rock" is back. But this time he's not just a teacher but a horribly abusive father and husband. Like, it was okay when the jerk teacher gets what's coming to him and winds up with seltzer in his face. But Jesus, the first two minutes of this is just a mentally damaged man terrifying his family. And yeah, all of his children get turned into the members of Twisted Sister and they comically kick the shit out of him for the remainder of the video, which isn't bad. But maybe it would have been better if one of them got turned into a CPS worker and put this guy in the system.
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