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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: A Slam By Any Other Name Is Still A Slam (Within Destruction, Horned, Hateful Transgression, Open Wound, Begging For Incest, Infected Swarm)

Is there a rule book when it comes to slammin brutality? Does there exist one modus operandi that dictates the why and how of slam? If you answered 'yes' to this, you are part of the problem. Every sub-genre of metal has its ups and downs, with the low periods often dictated by the number of bands artistically cannibalizing each other. This happened in the early days of death metal, literally bringing the sub-genre to its knees, while the new kid on the block – black metal – strutted its bullet-belted stuff.

Who weathers these storms? Well, it's either those that lead – the kingpins – or those that aren't afraid to take chances within a climate that has stagnated. As it relates to death metal, its narrative is constantly being written – with new chapters being added, removed, and rewritten.

Like the responsible, open-minded folk we are at Metal Injection, this week's Dank takes a look at slam metal and its place within that larger narrative. Unlike most other sub-sub-genres of extreme metal (excluding black metal), slam can exist in various forms, which includes: Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Slamming Brutal Deathcore, Slamming Beatdown/Hardcore, and Slamming Blackened Beatdown. We are the opinion of – if it slams like the thunder of the gods – it's dank.

So, it's time to dig your lazy, swollen asses from that mountain of festering disharmonic, clich̩-ridden refuse. I know you are shuddering at the thought of change Рof being a bit different Рbut it's time to toss aside that flat-bill snapback hat in favor of something a little more unique, and less douche-inducing. Let's do this, friends.




Slovenian Brutal Deathcore outfit Within Destruction are quite literally responsible for reshaping the sound of deathcore, which, by the tail end of the first decade of the 21st century, had become a parody of itself. I mean, even the kings of deathcore – Despised Icon (previously featured here) – realized this and called it a day. Anyway, Within Destruction, three albums deep, recently released an incredible example of their unique – and destructive – hybrid of slam and deathcore. The album is entitled Void. Check out the erection-inducing video for the song "Plague Of Immortality"…




Imagine, if you will, Goatwhore meets Xibalba. Horned are quite literally a mishmash of classic heavy beatdown meets blasphemic blackened metal. Relatively new to the scene, these guys released one demo before unleashing their debut full-length, entitled Perpetuate Misanthropy. Check out their DIY video for the song "Pestilencial".


Hateful Transgression


If Belphegor were to suddenly go slam, they'd be Hateful Transgression. This fusion, on the surface, is quite interesting, and actually works – especially the duality that exists between the brutal bits and the atmospheric and symphonic elements. Their self-titled debut EP is definitely one of the more daring slam releases in recent memory. That said, I often found myself wanting a little bit less as it relates to the experimentation. I think if they can reign that sound in a little, they'll be on to something big!


Open Wound


Tiffin, Ohio. At one time this small, unassuming city in the north-westerly region of Ohio was noted as a glass and porcelain manufacturing powerhouse. This is quite the irony, considering what the city would spawn many years later in slammin beatdown hardcore newcomers, Open Wound. What I wouldn't give to see the cities inhabitants run rampant with baseball bats to the soundtrack of the band's debut EP, Territory. A literal glass city reduced to a fine particulate. Awesome.


Begging For Incest


With nearly a decade of activity and releases, Germany's NSFW three-some, Begging For Incest, started as a straight-up, no-holds-barred 'breeeee breeeee' slam band. Every single molecule of their 2012 debut full-length, Orgasmic Selfmutilation, is made up of bro-chugs, breeeees, and pinch harmonics. Their most recent release, Finsternis, shows a band that has grown by leaps and bounds, moving completely away from their cliched beginnings, blossoming into a talented trio of technically proficient brutal death metallers.


Infected Swarm


We've reached the end. You can now go ahead and put your stupid-ass flat bill snapback cap back on. This one requires it! Enjoy Infected Swarm's cover of XZibit's "Best Of Things".

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