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DANK SLAMS: Premiere Of VULVODYNIA Video For "Flesh Tailor" Will Skin, Quarter, And Fillet!

What better way to celebrate this week's release of the hotly anticipated return to form of the Resident Evil series than with a brutally deep slam up the ol' poop shoot? That's right, maggots… we have the perfect soundtrack as you [feebly] attempt to escape the mundanity of everyday life by immersing yourself in the twisted, murderous home of the Baker family, Resident Evil 7's psychotic, hillbilly antagonists.

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So, put down that cheeto dust-encrusted PS4 controller (yeah, we said PS4 – the superior gaming platform) for a moment and join us in welcoming South African slamtuplet – Vulvodynia – into the ranks of the dank. This is a proud moment for all us over here at the dank offices… the place has been abuzz since we were first approached about this exclusive slam. Anyway, enough teasing. Read on…

For those of you already schooled in Vulvo vernacular, you'll know that these guys have climbed incredible heights in just a few short years – poising themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the vastly over-populated space that is brutal slammin death metal. One listen to their latest release, Pyschosadistic Design (available here, via Lacerated Enemy Records), is proof in the goddamn blood pudding.


In an effort to demonstrate their ongoing superiority in the kingdom of BSDM, the Vulvos have just dropped their first-ever performance video for the song "Flesh Tailor"… and it's streaming exclusively here on Dank Slams (thx to our brutal bros over at Slam Worldwide)!

Anyway, let's do this (be forewarned, this shit ain't for your mama)…

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Regarding the concept of the video, the guys had this to say…

"'Flesh Tailor' tells the story of one man's obsession with skin. Devoting his life to his lust for flesh, his mind slowly slips away into insanity. This is the first in a series of music videos we will be releasing for tracks off of our latest album, Psychosadistic Design."

What can we expect from the Vulvo ones over the next year…

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"Looking ahead, we have loads of things planned for this year. We are currently working on our next release for later in the year that will be our first release with real drums and huge names on production. In March we have a full South African tour with Belgium Hardcore band Ashes. In April/May we have our European Tour booked as well as a US tour in the works for the end of the year. This is the year we spread our African Disease to the rest of the world."


Psychosadistic Design tracklisting…

"Psychosadistic Design"
"Drowned In Vomit"
"King Emesis"
"Castration Mutilation"
"Flesh Tailor"
"Unparalleled Insubordination"
"Grotesque Schizophrenia"
"Lord Of Plagues"
"Depraved Paraphilia"
"Forced Fecal Ingestion"
"Bestial Insemination"
"Wall Of Corpses"
"Triple O.G. Slamdown"

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