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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: Desert Slammin With Arizona's ATOLL; Exclusive Premiere Of "Battlestar Gonorrhea" Video

Xenomorphs, facehuggers, aliens, extinction, the human virus, brutal violence, prolapsing, beastiality, feces, necro-orgies, sexually transmitted diseases, post-mortal coitus and sodomy – all the good things in life, right? Sure… if you are sick, slam-lovin degenerate! Disgusting. The lot of you. What would your poor mother's think? Clean yourselves up, man! Turn off the poop and horse porn, scrape the layer of cheeto-dust off your tiny little yogurt-slingers, and make mommy proud of what she – bregrudingly – farted into this world!

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Whatever. It's like talking to a brick wall. Y'all ain't gotta care in the world except for the slams. So be it. We give up. In the spirit of defeat, we present to you the most heinous goddamn slam we've heard in years. Straight outta the Sonoran Desert, a short five-hour drive from Area 51, comes Phoneix, Arizona's Atoll.

Hot off the heels of their 2014 critically-acclaimed slamsterpiece, The Gathering Swarm, the guys are back with their sophomore effort, entitled Fallout Frenzy. Set to drop on November 17th via Gore House Productions, we are proud to bring you sik fuqs a first taste of new music, in the form of a brand new video for the track "Battlestar Gonorrhea" (once again made possible by our super-slammin friends over at Slam Worldwide!). Check it out…

As a little extra bonus, we asked the guys to take a few moments out of their busy schedule – which includes the planning phase for world domination – to answer a few questions about all things Atoll. Get your thinking caps on, chumps, as these guys are likely a little too much for your pea-sized, slam-destroyed brains. Take it away, fellas!

On the choice of band moniker…

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The name of the band is centered around the nuclear bomb tests that took place during the the 1950's. Mainly the bombing done on Bikini Atoll, and the destruction and fallout that resulted from the detonations.

On the musical direction of Fallout Frenzy

The direction we took on this album is the direction we've always taken. That is to use all of our influences from death metal, black metal, melodeath, deathcore, punk, thrash, to find common ground in making a slam album. We felt absolutely no pressure to add more of this or less of that when writing for this album. We want to write heavy, catchy grooves that are fun to listen to, while involving all of our influences which I think can easily be heard on Fallout Frenzy.

On the lyrical direction and themes of Fallout Frenzy

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We decided to take the lyrical content in a different direction on Fallout Frenzy. We as a band try not to take ourselves to seriously, but we love the brutal aspect of sci-fi, comedy and horror so we ultimately said 'why not use all three'. The mix of these three genres has a very different feel from the first record, offering everything from genetic mutation and monsters to the "tongue and cheek" style humor that we get such a kick out of (as well as some backstory about the band's origin mixed in). There are lots of little easter eggs hidden in these lyrics.

On this thing called 'slam'…

All people have preferences when it comes to music. That's even more prevalent in the metal community. The fact that there are so many sub-genres is almost mandatory! If you prefer heavy, slamming, catchy riffs with low gutteral vocals that accentuate them, then you're gonna want to know what to call it. Slam is just death metal's ornery little cousin with ADHD. Same brutality without the same attention span. What hardcore did for punk – and what crossover did for thrash metal in the 80's – slam does for death metal today by offering a genre where the only rule is to be brutal.

Preorders of Fallout Frenzy are available here.

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