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DANK SLAMS: Old-School Floridian Brutality Gets The Canadian Treatment With DEFORMATORY's Cover of DEICIDE's "Once Upon The Cross"

With swamp-ass season behind us, it's once again time to head into the basement and dust off the old skankity dankity. Early forecasts suggest that this is gonna be one helluva brutalizing winter – both in clime and beboppin barbarity. What better way to kick-off the Season 3 of Dank Slams than with a nod to the old-school?

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Enter Canadian brutal technical death metallers Deformatory. This collection of methodically-minded Canucks have crafted an experience that melds the frigid arctic blasts of Canada with the hellish heat of Floridian death metal. Proof of this merger has been delivered to Dank Slams as an exclusive stream of the band's brand new video/cover of Deicide's classic song from '95, "Once Upon The Cross".

As Deformatory lead vocalist & guitarist, Charlie Leduc, goes on to mention, this song was the obvious choice…

Deicide's album Once Upon The Cross is an absolutely crushing classic record. I mean, this album is a staple for the guys in the band. It's influenced all of us in some capacity, and you can definitely hear Deicide in our playing styles. We thought it would be fun to cover "Once Upon The Cross", trying to stay true to the original, while fusing in our own elements to keep it fresh. The original is so killer that we literally didn’t have to do anything to make it heavy.

We put the video together ourselves in and around our rehearsal space. We wanted to keep the video simple, peppering in some 90’s cheese, and to have a good time doing it. We had a lot of fun covering this track and hope that people dig it too. We also hope Glen doesn’t hunt us down for this!"

Deformatory’s version of "Once Upon The Cross" was recorded and mixed by Dan Rogers (From The Frost Audio), and mastered by Alan Douches (West Side Music). In fact, Alan is the very same Alan who has mastered several Deicide releases. How fitting.  The band is set to release a new single for an upcoming 7” split album with fellow Canadian brutalizers Blood Of Christ in the fall of 2018, and a new full-length album in 2019 via CDN Records.

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Check the video below! If you like what you see and hear the song is now available on Spotify and other streaming services.

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