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DANK SLAMS: The Importance Of Duality In Your Brutality (CADAVERIC LIVIDITY, THRONE OF BOTIS)

Posted by on November 17, 2016 at 4:04 pm

The word 'Bilateral' describes anything with two sides, like some of the organs in the body: the brain, heart and lungs all have two distinct sides. Without these two sides, both vital for life as we know it, we'd still be puddles of oozing, slobbering goo stranded in a puddle at the base of some volcano on the African continent.

Well, that same logic can be applied to the theme of this column… slam. Bilaterialty is indeed necessary for life to flourish within the realm of slam – without it, we'd all be oozing, slobbering puddles of goo stranded in a world consisting only of ridiculously bro-tuned, bro-chug, bro-breee half-wits. There needs to exist a duality to the brutality.

Well, thank your lucky stars for the two bands featured in this week's installment of dank, b/c without 'em, we' d all be braindead – sucking from an intravenous tube filled with the juice of stagnation and stupidity. As you will hear, both of our featured bands are clearly talented, and both offer up something a little bit different as it relates to their slams.

This shit is heavy. This shit is slammin. Above all else, this shit has duality – two sides to the brutality. Enjoy the brutal-death-meets-slam of Cadaveric Lividity and Throne Of Botis…


Cadaveric Lividity


First up is Vancouver's Cadaveric Lividity. With one solid-as-hell demo under their belts, released this past April, the guys have just followed-up with a brand new single called "Towering Pestilence". We are incredibly stoked to bring you bastards the worldwide premiere of the lyric video for said song. After listening to this towering fuckin ode to pestilence, you'll ask yourself (just as the band does within the lyrics) 'how do you not feel diseased?'. Well, it's time to get diseased below. When feeling sufficiently fucking sickened, head over to both the band's official FB page and Bandcamp for more details on future releases, which includes a split vinyl release with their brothers in Arthropodal Humanicide


Throne Of Botis


Straight from the Old Dominion (also known as Virginia) comes a brutalesque showcase of slammin death metal by an all-star collective of thrashers located within Virginia’s desolate borders. This finely-tuned, four-piece killing machine, known collectively as Throne of Botis, quickly came to fruition with a self-titled demo released in January 2015, followed a year later by an EP entitled Hymns Of Homicide. Both releases are filled with fist-fulls of hate-induced punishing slams, relentless riff work, blistering blast beats, and a bottom-end from the putrid depths of eternal slamdemonium! Most notably, the band were recently offered a lucrative spot on Extreme Management Group's roster, alongside a slew of legends such as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Cryptopsy, Disgorge, Rings of Saturn, Internal Bleeding and many more. What does this mean? Well, it means to stay fuckin tuned, as these guys are on to big things! In the meantime, check out the track "Dismantled And Dissolved" to truly appreciate the talent I've been rambling on about… and hit 'em up on both FB and Bandcamp.

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