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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: Summer Grillin With Pit Masters HUMAN BARBECUE!!!!!

Posted by on June 8, 2017 at 3:52 pm

One-man slam superstar, Jason Lambert (aka Putrified J), is having a pool party. Yep. It's already that time of year. You might be asking yourself what's a pool party without a smoking, flaming, pit of charred-to-perfection BBQ'd goodies, right? Well, it ain't nothin if there's not at least twenty-seven choice cuts of meat grillin at any given time… and y'all are invited.

Prior to arriving, you are asked to slather your pasty white, disgusting asses in – not sunscreen – but, rather, butter or olive oil. For good measure, the Putrified one has asked that you sprinkle your nether regions with a good helping of mesquite spice and Guy Fieri's award-winning Carolina #6 Mop & Slop BBQ sauce.

Unlike your Uncle Boppo's yearly backyard shin-dig with grandma and grandpa, this ain't no normal BBQ… it's a backwoods USofA, Nascar-lovin, sister-bangin, good 'ol country-bumpkin HUMAN BARBECUE!!!!!

So, before you grab your swim trunks and water wings, we have the exclusive first stream of the brand new EP, entitled Basement Butchery. The album drops on June 9th via Ghastly Music (thanks again to our friends over at Slam Worldwide for making this stream possible).

We'll see all you fucks in a couple of weeks, as we are off to Hellfest! In the meantime, get grillin!…

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