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DANK SLAMS: California's SPLATTERED Spurt Forth Video For New Song "Antediluvian Horror"

Posted by on July 27, 2017 at 4:04 pm

We love the slam split over here at ye olde dank. In fact, the danker and stankier the split, the better. So, when we heard that Californian slam trio SPLATTERED were engaging in a slam-filled bukkake soiree with a few of their friends, well, we lost several loads of dunk in our trunks.

Who are these bands? Glad you asked. The four-way in question is going down like this: Worldwide Slamicide – featuring SPLATTERED, STILLBIRTH, GOREVENT, and CREPITATION. The album is scheduled to drop sometime in August 2017 via Amputated Vein Records and Rising Nemesis Records.

So, before we get into the reason we have all gathered here today, how about a little Splattered history? No? Too fucking bad. Would it kill you to learn a thing or two about the bands who bring you this shit, you lazy cheeto-devouring fuks?

Anyway, the Splattered ones have been unleashing their style of brutal death metal across the world since about 2012. They've been touring non-stop in support of their last release Guttural Species (2014), which has included multiple trips across the US, Europe and UK. Hell, they've even traveled to the far east, with performances in Japan and at the Bangkok Deathfest. It's about time they put out some new material.

That being said, it's about time they put out some new material. So, we are incredibly stoked to bring you an exclusive stream of a brand new video, entitled "Antediluvian Horror" (this being the same song featured on the 4-way split). Thanks again to our friends over at the mighty SLAM WORLDWIDE for making this happen.



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