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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: California's CEREBRAL ENGORGEMENT Drop A Ten Ton Slammer With New Song "Aetherial Control"

Engorged anything is, um, bad news – apart from that tiny, warped, Cheeto-encrusted thing that you are holding in your Vaseline-greased hand at this very moment. Anyway, the point being is that any sudden, unexplained, non-coital related engorgement should be cause for concern.

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Today, you have every reason to be concerned…


Slam god, Michael Simon, is back with the long-awaited fifth Cerebral Engorgement studio album, Cerebral Chronicles. This disgusting platter of freshly-digested slam is the highly-anticipated follow up to 2013's pleasantly-titled, Gastrointestinal Bleeding.

Cerebral Chronicles delivers ten new slam infested tracks of menacing, guttural brutality and blasting decimation. The album features art by Pedro Sena (Analepsy, Ingested, Putrid Pile), and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Simon in Tomales, CA between 2015-2018.

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As always, we at the stanky dank have an exclusive stream for ya. Give your porn-blurred eyes a bit of a rest and check out the official lyric video for the track "Aetherial Control".

Cerebral Chronicles drops on April 19th via Gore House Productions. Head here to pre-order.

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