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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: WARDEHNS' Debut EP Is A Tasty Blend of Wisconsin Crust & Grit

With more music to come in the near future, Wardehns is excited to share with ya'll their debut self-titled EP

With more music to come in the near future, Wardehns is excited to share with ya'll their debut self-titled EP

This week’s Core Breakdown has something a little different than shared before. Today’s band comes with plenty of hardcore goodness, but with some added touches of crust. Wisconsin’s very own Wardehns is proud to share their debut self-titled EP.

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The two tracks are a blend of crusty and gritty hardcore that blast away with grime and aggression. “Shards of the Time Glass” rises with a somber distortion, the drum beat in the background building with a tribal aura. The vocals burst forth with a sinister crust appeal, before the track drops into a bonkers adrenaline. Wicked guitar rhythms meet hectic drum work, shifting the track into a balls to the wall hardcore banger. The consistent pummel alongside guttural vocals come with a creepy tone that is exciting and will surely spike one’s blood pressure. “Fangs” starts with pounding drum intro to match the vibrant waves of riffs that set the track off into its full on brutality. The crust aura washes over the overwhelming beat down of drum clashes and wild nature of the guitar playing. Low tones of distortion and bass pump underneath the electric playing, giving the material an overall feeling of dirty punk mentality.

You can stream the EP below, and follow the band via Facebook. Wardehns plans on releasing their first full length come early 2018, so keep an eye out for that and any future tour dates. Thanks for tuning into The Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll next week.

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