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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: These DESCENDANTS Are Thinking About A Riot

Check out the latest release from Germany's very own Descendants

Check out the latest release from Germany's very own Descendants

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to The Core Breakdown. This week I’m sharing the latest release from Germany’s very own Descendants.

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Riot is a collection of five tracks that pump and blast away in metalcore glory. After the intro track warms things up, the music begins to really fire up with “Truthseller”. With the drums clashing in the background, the guitars strike forth with savage chugging. “Standing Here” comes with more of a pounce as it flows to a dark air, the melody injecting some brightness into the work. “Family” and “I Don’t Belong Here” both present their own heavy atmospheres, accompanied by plenty of melodies and guitar chugging.

Overall the music makes for a mix of straight forward crunchy heaviness that bursts at times into melodic flares. You can check out Riot for yourself below, and follow the band via Facebook. Thanks for tuning into The Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll next week.


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