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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: We Can't Figure Out The Message of SHARPTOOTH's New Song, "Fuck You Donald Trump"

For this week's The Core Breakdown, I am excited to share with ya'll some new music from Sharptooth. The band is a fresh sound in hardcore, delivering on pure aggression and punk mentality. Last time we covered the band, we featured the music video for their track "Clever Girl". This time, we're excited to premiere their ambiguously titled "Fuck You Donald Trump".

We're assuming that the title implies something about the current U.S. President and his goons. The vocals burst out, "Sickening the way they’ll even treat their own if you happen to be/ Not white, or straight, or male, ‘cause god forbid we all should want equality/ Money lines the pockets of the corporations that helped buy their seats/ How can someone live condemning other souls to die in poverty?" Hmm, are we sure it's about the president?

You can listen to the track below, and keep an eye out for Sharptooth's debut record October 27th via Pure Noise Records.

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