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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: There's No Getting "Stuck" …In Suffering With SHAME SPIRAL

Brand new hardcore from Virginia's Shame Spiral

Brand new hardcore from Virginia's Shame Spiral

This week’s The Core Breakdown is bringing you the first track off of Shame Spiral’s upcoming EP …In Suffering.

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“Stuck” is one of three tracks that rips with guttural ferocity. Along with a death-like tinge in the vocals, the instrumentation clashes away in rage. It’s pretty straight forward track that drives in hardcore delivery, bringing hefty breakdowns with sinister guitar tones and dense metallic drum work.

These Virginia hardcore dudes are planning on releasing …In Suffering this October, so go ahead and pre-order a copy here (and follow the band via Facebook). Thanks for tuning into The Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll next week.

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