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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: Shaking Hardcore Up With Depressive Waves Of KRUELTY

Here is some brand new hardcore from Tokyo's very own Kruelty

Here is some brand new hardcore from Tokyo's very own Kruelty

This week’s Core Breakdown is delivering ya’ll a small, yet grimy treat from Tokyo. With their debut demo, Kruelty shares two distortion fueled tracks of depressive hardcore.

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“Intitulado#1” creeps in with ominous guitar chugs, the drum beat slowly setting in. Eventually the track picks up the tempo, shifting into a solid hardcore rhythm. The vocals align more with death metal elements, and add an extra kick of grit to the track. “Darkside” really slows things down, presenting a doom/sludge atmosphere. The guitar rattles with distortion, a chugging effect coming through the work as the song progresses. The song leads into another heavy driven beat down of drum work and guttural barking. The guitar rhythm goes from moments of thick droning, to mosh pit pumping adrenaline.

The under produced sound adds a level of dirty heaviness to the material. I am super interested to hear what a fully developed EP would sound like (even if it kept this gritty production tone). It’s a style that reminds me of a lot of older punk/hardcore records, and it would be rad for a band today to play around with that sound. You can stream the demo below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for tuning into this week’s Core Breakdown and see ya’ll soon.

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