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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: CONSTRICT Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies

Constrict make their anger loud and clear in their debut release, Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies.

Constrict make their anger loud and clear in their debut release, Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies.

Welcome back all you hardcore lovers!

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This week I have a really awesome treat that is all out brutality. Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies is the debut release from LA’s Constrict, and while it may only be three tracks, each one is sure to bring out rage and swinging fists.

This is well paced, beat for beat crushing in regards to delivery. Constrict take the heavy drag approach to pummeling the listener with primal aggression. That being said, the band injects enough chemistry into the material, creating a distinction between the work. The vocals are pure straight forward anger. They blend with the overall tone, and add to the weight of each low and dark note.

“Mantra Of Hate” let’s loose a relentless rhythm, unleashing with all out fury. It starts out with a mid-tempo flow, hitting each note like a crashing wave. Towards the end, the song airs out the instrumentation, allowing for more vibrancy. “Vengeance” comes with brief moments of upbeat rhythm within the song, given that there is a prominent presence of pounding guitar chugs throughout the progression. Whereas “Mantra Of Hate” feels a little more free in its flow, “Vengeance” is more straight forward in its crunching guitar sound and consistent churn. “Lust For Death” is the happy middle ground between the two previous titles. While both tracks play around with rhythm and groove, “Lust For Death” really expands the band’s use of sound, introducing more of a wild energy. There’s a section to the song that drops into this chaotic frenzy of drum beats and hysteric guitar playing. It is here that we see those small pieces of the previous two titles take more of a stance in the spotlight.

If this is just the beginning for Constrict, I’m excited to see what they come out with next in regards to a first LP. Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies is pure hardcore savagery. The music’s relentless beat down lets loose on anger and aggression. It helps that while the release is only three songs, there is a level of distinction between each of them. If you are interested in listening to Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies, feel free to stream it below.

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Thanks again for tuning into The Core Breakdown! See ya’ll next week.

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