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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: Here's SERRATION In A Shrine Of Eternal Life

Check out four awesome tracks of metalcore glory with Serration

Check out four awesome tracks of metalcore glory with Serration

Welcome to the first Core Breakdown of 2018! Hope ya’ll got to rest a little bit and enjoy your holidays! To kick off a new year of hardcore, here’s the brand new release from Serration, Shrine of Eternal Life.

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“Dead Weight” lingers in on an eerie note, all before dropping in a wave of flaring riffs. “Cold Year” is a wild trip that lashes back and forth with shifting tempos, building in tension as the song progresses. “Chamber” is a terrific beat down, unleashing a savage delivery of distorted guitar work that blurs the line of anxiety and darkness. “Greed” takes a minor step back in speed, but keeps the guitar tone shrieking and contorting all the way through.  Barking vocals, along with rampant drumming, make for an ever thrilling ride of adrenaline throughout each track.

You can stream Shrine of Eternal Life below. Thanks for tuning into the Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll next week!

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