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The Core Breakdown: Celebrating The Work Of DESOLATED With Disorder Of Mind

Celebrating a decade of hardcore with Desolated's Disorder Of Mind

Celebrating a decade of hardcore with Desolated's Disorder Of Mind

Welcome back to The Core Breakdown! For this week, we have a treat from the British band Desolated. After a decade of superb hardcore, Desolated are calling it quits (but making sure to share with ya’ll one last gem). To celebrate the band’s incredible talent and art, they are proud to announce a special re-release of their 2013 record Disorder Of Mind. In just five tracks, Disorder Of Mind comes packed with metallic weight that clashes with fury.

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“Year Of The Snake” is an electric presentation that marches forward, combining dark guitar vibes and consistent drum beats to build tension. The fierce vocal work is ever-present from the get go, making its way into the following track “Death By My Side”. The song starts with a heavy groove, to then suddenly dropping things to a crawl, just to shift back into full speed. While the vocals originally start off with your standard yelling, it is in “Suffering” where we hear some death metal vocals. The guitar tone continues in a dark distortion, the rhythm eventually kicking things up into a lighter note. “Strung Up” shows the guitar playing around with varying sounds, the work pounding away from the start. “Delusions” brings back the death metal vocals, along with a punishing delivery of speedy guitar and drums. Building off a bass foundation, an electric energy and adrenaline groove accompanies the song’s progression, creating an overall catchy essence.

Desolated has been one of the best acts in recent years within the hardcore scene. If this is your first time listening to them, then do yourself a favor and check out their past work.  You can listen to Disorder Of Mind below. And if you are interested in any special edition records and merch to celebrate the band’s music, you can order all that cool stuff here. Thanks for tuning into this week’s The Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll soon!

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