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ANDREW W.K. Gets Into His Love Of OBITUARY & MAYHEM, Shares Metal Playlist

He's also taken over Apple Music's Headbangers.

Photo by Michael R.C.

In anticipation of his new album God Is Partying, Andrew W.K. has been put in charge of Apple Music's Headbangers playlist. Dude absolutely crushed it with choices from bands like Obituary and Mayhem, to High On Fire and Judas Priest, and just about everything in between!

Before you check out the playlist, let Andrew W.K. explain to you why Obituary's World Demise and Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas both rule.

On World Demise:

“I have loved Obituary since 1995, when I first heard their World Demise album. I was blown away by the purity of the music, especially the drummer and the singer, who I later found out are the brothers Donald and John Tardy. I also loved the restrained brute force of the guitar riffs, and the musicality of the riffs and rhythms. The originality of the total atmosphere is truly a swampy Florida dreamland.”

On De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas:

“I really love the Mayhem album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and perfect from front to start. It’s one of only a handful of albums that I’ve listened to hundreds and hundreds of times; Napalm Death’s Harmony Corruption falls into that category, too. I love the sound and production, the incredible drumming, but most of all, the vocals. The band’s singer, Attila Csihar, is one of my favorite vocalists, in any genre. I love his imagination, his fearlessness, his sense of levity and severity and drama, and his loyal commitment to what he does. I had the pleasure of playing with him and touring together while working with the UK magical act Current 93.”

Andrew W.K. will release his new album God Is Partying on September 10. Pre-orders are available here.

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