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CODE ORANGE Created Bray Wyatt's Killer New Entrance Theme Without WWE's Knowledge

It all started with a DM.

bray wyatt

The wrestling world is still buzzing about Bray Wyatt's return this past weekend at WWE's big summer showdown, Summerslam. Wyatt returned under a mask as "The Fiend" persona, straight out of a horror movie. And, with the new look, Wyatt needed a new entrance song.

What played was creepy and heavy and eventually revealed to be a new imagining of Wyatt's theme by Code Orange. But, according to drummer Jamie Morgan, WWE had nothing to do with it really. It was he who approached Bray.

Morgan tells Newsweek "What happened was I saw that Bray had followed us on Twitter, and we've been following him since a couple of years ago when our record I Am King came out and that's around when he kicked off at the same time with his vignettes and vibe," Morgan said. "And so I just messaged him and said 'Hey man, I think we should do something together and it makes a lot of sense' and he hit me back."

After exchanging a few messages on Twitter, Jamie and Bray got on the phone. Bray explained the motivations of the character, as the "Firefly Fun House" sketches were just starting  to air.

After getting some direction from Bray, Jamie and the rest of Code Orange went to work. They weren't sure how to approach the song, but they did want to give a nod to Bray's original theme song, "Live In Fear."

"I loved the old theme and [Bray] thought it would make sense to use the old theme, but we didn't know. We weren't sure exactly what was going to happen," Morgan said. "So we decided to write our own stuff and we decided to do a new version. It's not meant to be a remix, it's more about using the vocals, because they are awesome, and the melody and make our own song based off of that."

The band studied the vignettes and made note of certain standout moments like Wyatt's gloves which said "Hurt" and "Heal." They turned those two words into an awesome chant within the song, that still gets stuck in my head.

The band ended up recording the song completely on their own on laptops, and traveling six hours from Pittsburg to Philly to record vocals with Will Yip.

The band handed over the song and just waited to see if WWE would use it. Morgan goes on to note that Wyatt specifically pushed for the band's song to be his theme and that's how it got done. Typically, WWE has in-house producers, CFO$, who create all the music.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Seriously, how fucking good is this song?

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