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You Can Play METALLICA's "Master Of Puppets" In Fortnite Now

"Master Of Puppets" strikes again.

Fortnite Metallica

Metallica's 1986 thrash-terpiece "Master Of Puppets" is having a huge 2022. The song saw new life when it was featured in Stranger Things earlier this year, and now it's getting an additional boost from the massively popular online game Fortnite. "Master Of Puppets" was added as a purchasable emote in the game where up to four players can emulate Metallica shredding through the song.

Frankly, this is cool as hell and probably great for metal. According to one snapshot, 60% of Fortnite's demographic is roughly between the ages of 18 and 24. Meaning over half the people playing the game weren't born when Master Of Puppets came out and may not have ever heard the song, thus opening the door for a whole new generation of fans. That same statistic notes that Fortnite has about 83 million plays active monthly, which again – lotta potentially new metal fans in there. Great!

Check out footage of how the emote looks below. Also, shout out to the one troll in the thread asking "They made the song from Stranger Things into a real song?!?" We'll attend the funeral for your poor inbox, dude.

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