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Everything About The New Doom Game Is Metal (As Usual)


Doom 2025

The next installment in the Doom game series is coming in 2025 and it looks fucking metal. I mean, all the Doom games are metal, but Doom: The Dark Ages is something else, man.

For starters, here's a quick synopsis of the game: "Vile forces push a kingdom to the brink. Fangs gnashing, their fury is emboldened by the flames of Hell's own malevolence. No mortal blade cuts their masses down. No bulwark stays their advance. No army dares match them in the battlefield.

"But you will. You are the super weapon primed to destroy evil. For when Hell is at the gates, the DOOM Slayer answers."


Then there's the trailer, which showcases a raft of demonic violence and even touches on a fun that shoots fragments of the skulls of your enemies… which like come on. How the hell has no death metal band written a song about this yet?! What makes that bit even better (around the 1 minute mark) is that the music is lined up directly with the machine gun fire. That's some real Anaal Nathrakh shit right there.

Doom: The Dark Ages will not feature djent master Mick Gordon on its soundtrack, as he and Bethesda had a pretty big falling out in 2022. It appears that Doom: The Dark Ages will feature Andrew Hulshult as its composer, who previously scored parts one and two of the Doom expansion packs, The Ancient Gods.

On the pure amount of carnage in the game, Hugo Martin, Game Director at id Software, said in a recent Q&A: "It's a fantasy sci-fi FPS – a medieval war against hell. When you say the word 'medieval,' you got to have melee weapons. So you saw on the teaser he's got a a flail, he's beating the guy to a pulp with that.You use your hands, you use your shield… each of these things kind of come together, and there's a great synergy between your toolkits and I think it's going to be really fun for fans to explore all the things that you could do this time in this game."

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