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How 1993's Doom Video Game Took Inspiration from METALLICA, SLAYER & PANTERA

Posted by on May 19, 2016 at 3:12 pm

In 1993, id Software put out the now-classic computer game Doom. The game is widely hailed as one of the more important videos to have ever come out on any platform, and to this day we still quote the game whether we know where it's from or not.

Doom was also pretty damn metal, because since when has being a space marine that eventually travels to hell and shoots up hordes of demons not metal? Now Loudwire has put out a few videos that compare the game's soundtrack to classic metal songs, positing that maybe the game was a little too influenced by the metal gods themselves.

I'd say I agree with about 80% of the comparisons, as some of 'em are pretty close, but there are definitely a few in there that are grasping at straws (the second and third Slayer ones, mainly).

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