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Watch Burton C. Bell Perform FEAR FACTORY's "Replica" With A Local Band

Obviously he kills it.

You can take Burton C. Bell out of Fear Factory, but apparently you can't take Fear Factory out of Bell. After DJ'ing a set Replica, Bell sat in with a local band and performed Fear Factory's classic track "Replica".

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Bell quit Fear Factory earlier this year and has made it very known that he has zero interest in going back.

"No, no, no. It's like going back to an ex-girlfriend," said Bell in an interview. "The thought of it for a second might be good, but once you get there, you regret it. People move on for a reason, and when I move on, I move on.

"I have a lot of great achievements, I have a lot of great times and great moments, but for me, if I wanna continue working, I wanna move forward. And there's just things that you cannot change. And instead of changing it, I'm gonna move forward."

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"Obviously, a lot from Fear Factory, 'cause I got 30 years of that."