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Vomit The Soul 2021

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VOMIT THE SOUL Streams First New Song In 12 Years "Cold"

As brutal as ever.

Italian death metal band Vomit The Soul is back for the first time since 2009 with a new single "Cold", and a new album of the same name out November 12.

"After years of waiting, we are super excited to release the first album single, ‘Cold’. This song hits you hard as hell, while keeping the Vomit The Soul classic groove; it’s a dark sound but catchy at the same time, as we like it," said the band.

"The short film was the best way to visualise our musical style and the story behind the track, explaining the transition from our first album cover Apostles of Inexpression, through to the new incredible Cold artwork done by the master Caelan Stokkermas. After the mystical rite done in 2009, our apostles are going to take over the wandering souls and the obscurity will rise with power and wickedness!"

Pre-orders for Cold are available here.

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